Our Promise!

The SNAP! Guarantee

At SNAP!office, we exist to serve our customers.

In fact, we are so committed to delivering you the products
you need when you need them, we guarantee it!

SNAP!office hereby guarantees that we will ship your order complete, as scheduled, and to your specifications. Every time.

Here’s how it works:
After your order has been received, our team goes to work. We confirm that all materials and capacity to fill your order are available and reserve them for you. This ensures your order will ship as scheduled. Need to request a specific delivery date? No problem! We’ll schedule our acknowledged date to meet your needs, within standard lead times.

Once scheduled, you will receive an order verification with our “guaranteed” ship date. You will then receive a shipment confirmation when the truck leaves our dock with your order.

We will notify you should any line item of your order not ship on the date acknowledged, and that item will be free!

Not only will SNAP!office ship your order to your specifications on time and complete, WE GUARANTEE IT!

How does it work you ask? Simply click here to download a copy of the SNAP!office Guarantee, contact your Sales Rep to sign up and submit the form with your next purchase order.